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The Dream Team

Smiling Man with Glasses

Gudju Gudju Fourmile

Executive Director

With numerous IPOs under their belt and a willingness to educate startups on the industry secrets, Gudju Gudju has become one of our most successful team members. As our Executive Director, they work alongside our entrepreneurs to help them in whatever growth stage they’re in.

Smiling Young Woman

Charlie McMann

Program Manager

Charlie McMann is one of our most experienced team members and has been a valuable asset to us from day one. As a former entrepreneur, Charlie brings specific skills to the table and is always looking for the next venture to jump on.

Woman Artist

Joanne Parker

Associate Director

With years of experience in the industry and a deep understanding of the startup ecosystem, Jo has made an impressive impact as our Associate Director with their creativity and resourcefulness. Any startup with Jo on their team is bound for success.

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